Cannabidiol (CBD) is a one of more than 80 compounds that are derived from the cannabis plant. While there are many pet products on the market claiming to help with everything from behavior disorders to pain, there are currently no FDA approved products for pets. There have only been a few clinical trials with CBD, using specific products to evaluate the effects on pain and epilepsy. Unfortunately, the CBD market is not well regulated. Many products have a mixture of active compounds in them that may have unknown effects on our pets as they are not all purified to the same degree when manufactured. In addition, labeling may be inaccurate regarding the amount of cannabidiol present in a product.  

We strive to practice evidence-based medicine, treating with products and services that we know in order to reduce the risk of unwanted side-effects or adverse drug interactions. There have been reports of cannabidiol toxicity from some of these treats and supplements, and in the studies published so far, there has been an observable increase in some liver/gallbladder function enzymes. Due to the unregulated marked and the still emerging safety data for CBD, we do not currently recommend its use.